P6 soviet hand grenades

The RPG-43 was a Soviet made anti-tank weapon, the first of it's kind to implement High Explosive (HEAT), which, in turn, ment the first shaped charge to be used in an anti-tank weapon. The RPG-43 had a penetration of 75mm of armour, compared to the RPG-40, which had a lowly 15. It was made for the adaption by the German's in using stronger grade materials and more dense armour in their Panzer I and Panzer II models. But, as the war progressed, the RPG-43 became nearly useless towards the heavier Panthers and Tigers, and thus became redundant. Towards the end of the war, the design was passed from military contractor to military contractor, in an effort to improve the design, and the finest soviet minds came together to form the RPG-6; the game changer.