RPG-7 detached
The RPG-7 is the most widely used and widely available Anti-tank weapon around. It was originally developed by the Soviet Union but has now been handed over to the Bazalt company. It is used in over 40 countries and numerous variants have been made in nine different countries. The most common variants are the RPG-7D (paratrooper variant), that can be broken down into 2 parts and the slightly lighter chinese Type 69 RPG. It was originally given to the Soviet Union in 1961 and deployed to every sqaud. The latest model produced by the Russian army is the RPG-7V2, which is able to be customised with firing dual HEAT rounds, thermobaric rockets and Fragmentation rounds. The RPG-7, at a basic level, is a round reloadable tube. It's effective range can be over 300 metres. It is often also used as an anti-infantry weapon. These versatilities are why it is such a popular weapon.